Microsoft Update September 2017

Important licensing updates for September 2017 –

  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Office365 and Azure are both Generally Available from new UK data centers. Microsoft marketing MoD move:
  • Licensing – F1 remains a bold move to target a wider addressable market. At circa $10/u/m and 2B users, you can see why Be aware of feature limits of Windows 10, (and no Azure AD Info Protection) for Microsoft M365 F1. (September 2018)
  • Licensing – Windows 10 – virtualization use rights have been extended to certain licenses purchased under the Microsoft Cloud Agreement. Customers purchasing Windows 10 Subscriptions via Microsoft Cloud Agreement (excluding Windows 10 Enterprise E3 Per User Local Only) may activate the software on up to 5 concurrent physical or virtual OSEs Ref: Product Terms, September 2017 
  • Licensing – Added “Processing of Personal Data” to support the European Union General Data Protection Regulation Terms (GDPR) 
  • Licensing – Dynamics365 – Embedded editions of certain Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services are available through the Microsoft Cloud Agreement.  Embedded editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services may be used only with an Embedded Unified Solution (defined) 
  • Licensing – Microsoft announced Office 2019 “Perpetual”
  • New Feature – Office365 Use Metering and ‘Reader Role’ designation for Usage Reporting
  • Licensing – Microsoft announce Office365 Usage Analytics and will reach general availability in July 2018, including new metrics on teamwork and collaboration, usage data for Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Office 365 Groups

  • New Feature – Office365 Advanced Usage Analytics is also planned. Transmit the Office365 usage dataset to the Azure data store and join with user metadata from Azure AD.
  • Competitor Insight – Microsoft Azure competes with AWS with regional “Availability Zones”
  • New Feature – Azure Cost Management services will be free for all customers. Microsoft Responds to demands of Cloud Spend Management
  • New Feature – Microsoft EA (Enterprise Agreement) Azure cost reporting, enters preview
  • Licensing – Microsoft announce SQL Enterprise Edition SA and PowerBI Premium subscribers will access PowerBI report server
  • Licensing – Microsoft announce SQL Hybrid Use Benefit to leverage SA for Azure SQL DB and discounted SSIS rates on data Factory
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Microsoft announce Azure SQL DB includes Database Managed Instance – offers managed PaaS
  • Licensing – Microsoft announce SQL Server 2017 will be available for purchase in October 2nd
  • Pricing – RedHat SQL offer – 30% off SQL 2017 subscription on Linux, and additive 30% off RHEL OS when purchased together
  • Licensing – Microsoft announce Microsoft365 Education. New A3 and A5 flavours (expected General Availability in October 2017)
  • Reference (Licensing) – Microsoft365 Education – A3 and E5. Office365 A1 also available. Compare plans :
  • Reference (Licensing) – Self-Password Reset and Writeback to on-premises AD is a popular Azure AD Premium P1 Feature. However, the licensing not enforced
  • Reference (Licensing) – Run a report to identify unlicensed users of Azure AD Premium i.e. users and apps using Conditional Access
  • New Feature – New Azure flex CPU VMs “build burst credits” and access full vCPU when you need them:
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Microsoft state direction of merging of Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
  • Skype Cloud PBX renamed to ‘Microsoft Phone System’, PSTN Services renamed ‘Calling Plan’ (content removed by Microsoft)
  • New Feature  – You can now Restrict Windows 10 license reactivation and active state reporting to Microsoft
  • Reference – Microsoft Teams – for users who leave the organisation, their chat history is maintained, with identity anonymised.
  • Licensing – Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA) updated effective September 1st 2017 – Downgrade rights for software, ability to transfer fully-paid perpetual licences, Reseller Privacy Rights apply, Microsoft Professional Services subject to Product Terms. Ref: 
  • Licensing – Visual Studio available via Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Agreement effective September 2017.
  • Pricing – Government Pricing Update for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Agreement effective September 2017 – Approximately 15% increase to user-licensed offerings, Aligns Government pricing to lowest Commercial price, No changes to existing Subscription, impacts new subscriptions from September 1st 2017.

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