Microsoft Update May 2018

May 2018 saw a number of important licensing and solutions updates, including but not limited to:

  • Licensing – Hybrid Use Benefit and Azure RI General Availability for Windows Server and SQL Server in Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) subscriptions expand the sourcing and license design options for customers
  • Licensing – Windows 10 deployments on Azure Stack require Windows USLs, or purchase through a Qualified Multitenant Hoster
  • Licensing – EULA for Windows Server Container Images
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Microsoft Calling Plans with Domestic and Domestic and International Plans available as User Subscription Licences and (all users need to be licensed with a Phone System User SL too), now available in Canada. with full geo availability available here:
  • Licensing – To take control of Office365 Groups, you will need more than Office365 subscriptions
  • New Feature – Microsoft To-Do receives feature updates
  • New Features – PowerBI Desktop
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Azure GDPR Data Subject Requests processing capability enters General Availability
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Azure AD B2B Collaboration improvements to meet GDPR obligations
  • Licensing – Mobile device management capabilities improve in the Microsoft 365 Business Plans
  • Resource (Licensing) – PowerBI Embedded Reports FAQs addresses licensing and licensing packages questions

  • Resource – Microsoft promote GDPR compliance with the Microsoft Cloud— May 2018 month marked a major milestone for individual privacy rights with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect on May 25, 2018. with Compliance Manager and other service features across the Microsoft365 and Azure service ecosystem.
  • Resource (Licensing) – Updated Microsoft website page comparing Azure Info Protection (AIP) and Windows Server Rights Management (RMS)
  • Licensing – Updated Microsoft website page on Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams add-on licensing
  • Roadmap Lifecycle (Deprecation) Microsoft announces deprecation of Office365 Activity Alerts in favour of paid-for offerings. To get Alert Policies in the Office365 Security & Compliance Center you need Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, or E5 subscription. However, some advanced functionality is only available for organizations with an E5 subscription, or for organizations that have an E1 or E3 subscription and an Office 365 Threat Intelligence or Office 365 Advanced Compliance add-on subscription. The functionality that requires an E5 or add-on subscription is highlighted in this topic.
  • Resource (Licensing) – Selecting vCore service tiers for Azure SQL DB
  • Resource – Windows OS monitoring comparison of System Center Operations Manager on-premises and Azure Monitoring Services
  • Licensing – Updated Visual Studio Benefits and Pricing
  • Feature Update – Azure AD B2C feature improvements with
  • Tool – SharePoint Migration Tool is Generally Available (Version 2.0)
  • Technical Dependency – Windows Sever v. 1803 “If you need infrastructure roles, use a Long-Term Servicing Channel release: Windows Server 2016 (available now) or Windows Server 2019 (coming later this year).”
  • Resource (Licensing) – compare MDM solutions across SCCM, SCCM with Intune (Hybrid), SCCM w. Exchange
  • Resource (Licensing) – FAQs or SCCM branches and licensing
  • Licensing – Microsoft add wording to the May 2018 Product Terms document to explain some of the key terms associated with Azure Reserved Instances: Exchange, Cancel, and Reassignment.
  • Licensing – Azure Updated terms to support the Monetary Commitment Overage and Consumption invoicing from quarterly to monthly.
  • Licensing – BizTalk content in the May Product Terms 2018 adds language to clarify that customers may use Feature Packs released during their term of their SA coverage.
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Azure ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) will likely replace ATA (Advanced Threat Analytics) in the future. Azure ATP is a hosted service designed to help organisations discover suspicious activities on the network. Azure ATP has a material deployment impact and extensive user subscription licensing, requiring all users to be licensed in the network, shared mailboxes, not just the admins.
  • Azure offers on-demand M-series VMs that support most SAP workloads. Scale up to 128 virtual CPUs of compute and 4 TB of RAM. Video:  Watch the full demo of SAP HANA on Azure M-series VMs:
  • Microsoft announced effective May 1st 2018, Outlook Mobile will become part of all Exchange Online SKU service plans Microsoft also confirm ‘Commercial Use Rights’ for Office Apps will extend to F1 and E1 and Business Essentials. A long overdue and welcome announcement 

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