Microsoft Update April 2019

  • Microsoft amend the Product Terms for Extended Security Updates (ESU) – clarified to reflect the business intent that active Software Assurance is required at the start of the End of Support (EOS) coverage period/s for each year in order to be eligible to receive updates.  Active SA is required to purchase ESU and SA must be active for one month after the start of the applicable EOS coverage period that ESU is being purchased for in order to be eligible.
  • Microsoft publish ‘required diagnostic data’ for Office365 ProPlus
  • Microsoft publish ‘required service data’ for Office365 ProPlus
  • Microsoft publish ‘Essential Services’ for Office365 ProPlus (link:
  • Connected features and Office365 dependencies for Office365 ProPlus
  • Useful Office 365 Retention, Disposal & Archiving FAQs – Label Activity Explorer in E5 only
  • Advanced eDiscovery in Advanced Compliance E5 overhaul enters general availability, new custodian approach
  • Office365 Advanced Message Encryption is a new E5 component of Advanced Compliance
  • Compliance Manager update aims to be central hub, incorporates Secure Score and Compliance Score, templates for on-premises and 3rd party apps and services (link:
  • Office365 ProPlus policy management via Azure AD security groups. No need for domain join or MDM enrollment. Applied to user at Office365 login. Supports BYOD. Alternative to Group Policy Management
  • Security Policy Advisor for Office365 ProPlus, in preview, provides productivity impact, but enhanced security impact with ATP P2
  • DLP for Microsoft Teams Conversations – Among these updates is a new Advanced Compliance service for Teams: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for chat and channel conversations. This functionality is now generally available through all Office 365 and Microsoft 365 offers that include Office 365 Advanced Compliance, including:
    • Office 365 Advanced Compliance standalone
    • Microsoft 365 E5/A5 Compliance
    • Office 365 E5/A5
    • Microsoft 365 E5/A5
  • From SA Qualified Offer Rule Change – Effective April 1, 2019, there are changes to the Dynamics transition options.
    • On-premises concurrent users transitioning to the cloud (as named users):
    • As a one-time exception, customers may purchase a greater number of “From SA” Qualified Offer at renewal
    • On-premises named users transitioning to the cloud (as named users):
    • As a one-time exception, customers may purchase a quantity of eligible “From SA” Qualified Offer plus 10% at renewal.
    • For example: Customer with 100 named on-premises user licenses may, as a one-time exception, buy up to 110 cloud licenses. Any incremental cloud licenses after the 110 licenses, must be purchased using the full price Cloud SKU.
  • Updates to Dynamics 365 for Team Members (On-Premises)
    • Effective May 1, 2019, Dynamics 365 for Team Members (On-Premises) use rights will align with the online Dynamics 365 Team Members use rights implemented October 1, 2018.
    • The Dynamics 365 for Team Members (On-Premises) license will enable users access to data and basic level capabilities, including self-service scenarios. With this change, there will be grandfathering terms specific to on-premises customers, including SPLA and ISV-R partners, similar to what was provided for online customers.
  • Microsoft Teams client bits now included with Office 365 ProPlus installs
  • Update to Change in Dual Use Rights for From SA customers –
    • Previously scheduled for January 1, 2019, the retirement of the “dual use” policy retirement has been moved to August 1st beginning August 1, 2019, new and renewing agreements that include the “From SA” version of Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 will no longer have rights to deploy the perpetual Office client.
    • Enterprise Agreements will not be impacted by these changes until their current agreement expires.
    • There are no changes to the use rights of Productivity Servers or Productivity Server CALs that are programmatically included for all Microsoft 365 E3/E5 customers.

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