Microsoft Update March 2016

Microsoft updates March 2016

  • Tool – System Center Monitoring Pack for monitoring Intune and SCCM integrations now available
  • Microsoft News – SQL Server R Services coming to 2016
  • Technical Dependency – Minimum specs for Project Server 2016 with SharePoint 2016 requires WinSvr 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014 and Project Pro 2013
  • Licensing – SharePoint Enterprise Edition 2016 license required for Project Server 2016
  • Pricing – Microsoft offer SA Subscription via an SCE enterprise-wide “offer” to win Oracle databases
  • Article- Software Assurance for SQL Server will enable future deployment right on Linux
  • Resource (Licensing)- SQL 2016 Azure Stretch DB introduces DBU ‘Database Stretch Unit’ Metric
  • Partner Ecosystem – Microsoft support Forbidden Technologies Forscene on Azure Marketplace. Shares soar reportedly ~60%
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Azure Search Basic Tier enters Public Preview
  • Microsoft News – Microsoft announce Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Windows10  . Compliments ATA and ATP.
  • Pricing – Server Name Indication (SNI) SSL for Azure App Service pricing update for Basic, Standard, Premium Service tiers
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Azure SQL DB temporal tables enter Preview
  • Licensing – Microsoft Azure StorSimple added to the Microsoft Product Terms March 2016
  • Licensing – Developer Tools – Windows Server and Windows Desktop Operating System software can be run on Microsoft Azure Platform Services in non-production use, added to the Microsoft Product Terms March 2016

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