Microsoft Update – January 2016

Microsoft update January 2016

  • Licensing – Microsoft add terms for From SA SKUs, transitions to From SA User SLs that when transitioning to From SA User SLs Customer must add devices as necessary to comply with the Primary use requirements in the Windows Desktop Operating System section – Microsoft Product Terms January 2016
  • Licensing – Microsoft provide more liberal SA renewal options – renewing coverage from a Separate Agreement section was updated to allow for Enterprise Products acquired under a company-wide coverage requirement to renew SA for the products under an MPSA  – Microsoft Product Terms January 2016
  • Licensing – R Server General Availability was added to Microsoft Product Terms January 2016
  • Resource – Azure Pack Roadmap
  • Resource – SharePoint best practices for design and performance in SharePoint Online
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Technical Preview  of Microsoft Azure Stack on 29th January
  • New Feature – Log Analytics comes to Microsoft Operations Management Suite (MOMS)
  • Partner Ecosystem – Barracuda Essentials for Office365 provides security, archiving and eDiscovery extensibility
  • Acquisition – Improvements to Skype expected with Microsoft acquisition of Event Zero
  • Pricing – Microsoft February price drop -17% for Azure D series v2 instances. -10% for WinSvr Instances.
  • Tool – Azure SQL database index advisor enables SQL tuning. Now Generally Available
  • Pricing – Azure RemoteApp extensibility with Premium/Plus pricing tier for extra compute. 80% discount with EMS and RDS CALs
  • Licensing – Microsoft allow international transfers to another user of some developer subscriptions
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – Azure Role-Based Access Control (RABC) now Generally Available
  • Licensing – Microsoft make Azure MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) available as a standalone USL under Volume Licensing. Don’t worry it’s still in AD Premium
  • Technical Dependency –  Internet Explorer 11 is now the minimum supported browser for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1 Update
  • Roadmap Lifecycle – StorSimple for Azure EA in Public Preview
  • Technical Dependency – Hardware Specs for Microsoft Azure Stack
  • Resource – Planning an efficient upgrade from SQL Server 2005 3/3
  • Resource – Planning an efficient upgrade from SQL 2005 2/3

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