Microsoft Update February 2019

Some of the principle licensing updates for February 2019 –

  • There is a new and improved licensing guide for Dynamics365 including (most) of the latest licensing updates – search for the January 2019 document.
  • Microsoft365 for Non Profit is now available in CSP
  • Changes to Office365 Student Use Benefit
    • New O365 A3/A5 offers in EES (Enrollment for Education Solutions)
    • Will provision correctly to the right set of service entitlement as part of Student Use Benefit
    • Existing customers to continue on original SKUs through agreement term
  • Azure Reservations expand availability – Reservation Discount now applies to:
    • Classic VMs or cloud services
    • RI’s must have ‘instance size flexibility’ option enabled
    • Dev/Test Subs
    • Can now centralise RI purchases by disabling the ‘Add Reserve Instance’ setting on enrolment
  • New CSP Direct to Indirect capability
  • Azure Visual Studio Cloud Subscriptions – Annual Subscriptions Removed and Monthly Subscriptions now Availabl
  • Microsoft announced CSP Multi-Year Subscriptions Pilot, reflecting their roadmap towards ‘Modern Commerce’. Initially available for Dynamics365, for 1-3Years. Microsoft support Annual or Monthly Billing. Narrow focus on Dynamics365 in Pilot, with Customer Engagement Plan, Unified Ops Plan, Device/Activity, and Team Members.Thanks All


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