Microsoft Update August 2019

Some of the principle licensing updates for August 2019 –

  • Microsoft announce retirement of Dynamics 365 Plans – Customer Engagement Plan, Unified Operations Plan, and Dynamics 365 Plan (combining Customer Engagement and Operations) on October 1st
    • Microsoft will move to a new approach, with a base and attach license.
    • For example Customer Service Enterprise ($95) + Field Service Attach ($20) at a total of ($115).
    • Customers must purchase the most expensive ‘base’ license, and ‘attach’ licenses are available with the same functionality
    • To prevent purchase of ‘attach’ licenses, assignment restrictions are technically enforced
    • There are some exceptions, with PSA only as a ‘base’, and Talent is ‘standalone’. Customer Service Pro can be attached to Sales Pro, but not Sales Pro attached to Customer Service Pro.
    • In most cases the costs will increase, once the add on is purchased and omitting prior tiered pricing.
  • SQL Server Enterprise Core Unlimited Virtualization Rights on Azure Dedicated Host with Azure Hybrid Benefit
  • Concurrent use on Azure Dedicated Host for 180 days
  • Windows Server Unlimited Virtualization Rights on Azure Dedicated Host, and allocate Windows Server Datacenter Licenses with SA for all of the Physical Cores available to Customer on that Azure Dedicated Host Server.
  • Academic support for Office 365 ProPlus on Device SL, as a no-cost add-on for EES
  • Microsoft announce Deployment Planning Services is being retired in favor of FastTrack deployments
    • Training Vouchers are being retired and gradually phased out of SA
    • Support eligibility criteria is being adjusted with a minimum requirement of $250K annual SA spend and the ability to upgrade to Unified Support
    • The first of these changes go into effect in February 2020, with the remaining changes gradually rolled-out through January 2022.
  • Microsoft announce on October 1, 2019 Microsoft will release the Teams Meetings for F1 SKU and provides full meetings capabilities and use rights for Office 365 F1 and Microsoft 365 F1 users. SKU will be available through EA/EAS only
  • Microsoft acquire Movere
  • MDOP tools extended support unit 2026
  • Azure Reservations can be purchased up-front or on monthly basis.
  • Microsoft Planner added to F1.
  • Microsoft announce updates to PowerApps and Flow licensing
    • PowerApps per app plan which allows individual users to run apps (2 apps and a single portal) for a specific business scenario based on the full capabilities of PowerApps for $10 PCM
    • PowerApps per user plan which equips a user to run unlimited apps (within service limits) based on the full capabilities of PowerApps for $40 PCM
    • New Microsoft Flow plans include:
    • Microsoft Flow per user plan which equips a user to run unlimited flows (within service limits) with the full capabilities of Microsoft Flow based on $15 PCM
    • Microsoft Flow per flow plan which enables organizations to implement flows with reserved capacity that serve teams, department, or the entire organization without having to license each end user. This plan starts at $500 PCM for 5 flows

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