Microsoft Update August 2017

Important Microsoft licensing updates for August 2017

  • Licensing – Microsoft Dynamics 365 On-premise: Migration rights for Microsoft Dynamics AX customers with Software Assurance have been removed and a reference to the July 2017 Product Terms has been added to the Migrations Rights cell of Section 4’s Attribute table to denote where this information resides. 
  • Licensing – Windows Desktop Operating System: A new use right has been introduced allowing customers with Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5 or VDA E3/E5 Per User SLs using Azure AD-based activation to install the Windows 10 Creators Update or later Current Branch software on a virtual machine running on Microsoft Azure or a shared server with a Qualified Multitenant Hosting Partner.
  • Licensing – Microsoft 365: Secure Productive Enterprise has been renamed to Microsoft 365. 
  • Licensing – Office 365 Suites: Office 365 Enterprise K (Kiosk) Plan has been renamed to Office 365 Enterprise F (FirstLine) 
  • Technology Dependency – On August 19, 2016, Microsoft updated the client requirements for Project Online. Making architectural changes to features in Project Online which impact older versions of the Project Client, connecting to Project Online.

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