Microsoft Update August 2016

Microsoft updates for August 2016

  • Licensing – Windows 10 SA ‘Roaming Use’ extended use right to be retired to drive per user subscription. See the key dates here
  • Resource – ExpressRoute FAQs
  • Licensing – Windows Enterprise will be the new home for MDOP’s App-V and UE-V. Greater bolstering of native Enterprise Edition
  • Partnership Ecosystem – Citrix Partnership puts hatchet to Azure RemoteApp for delivery of Win Apps from Azure Cloud. Free XenApp Express.
  • New Feature – General Availability for Azure AD Authentication for access to Azure SQL DB and Data Warehouse services
  • New Feature – PowerBI gets connector for Amazon Redshift data. (Only via Desktop App and not Web or Gateway)
  • Analyst Insight – Azure IaaS ‘Top Right’ Gartner Magic Quadrant behind AWS
  • Licensing –  Project Online, Professional and Premium were Generally Available from August 1st 2016 – updated in the Microsoft Product Terms August 2016
  • Licensing – Project Online: Project Lite has been replaced with Project Online Essentials and Project Online has been replace with Project Online Professional – updated in the Microsoft Product Terms August 2016
  • Licensing – Windows 10 Pro 1607 (14393) removes Group Policy Editor options for Pro including display of ads/promos, consumer experience, Tips, Lock Screen, Cortana.
  • Licensing – Windows 10 Servicing Updates would require Feature Updates for continued security patches.
  • Resource (Licensing) – Great little summary video from Microsoft on their ‘EA on MPSA’ programme changes.
  • Licensing – The number of cores covered by a single license for R Server 2016 for Hadoop and for R Server 2016 for Teradata DB have been increased to 24. This change applies to new Licenses as well as Licenses purchased prior to August 1 2016 – updated in the Microsoft Product Terms August 2016
  • Licensing – Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5, to replace Windows Enterprise SKU, added to the Microsoft Product Terms August 2016
  • Licensing – SQL Server Enterprise Editions (Server/CAL) have been removed. Existing SA Customers upgrading to 2016 should refer to the June 2016 Product Terms for terms and conditions governing the use of the product. from the Microsoft Product Terms August 2016
  • Pricing – Azure Compute Capacity Promotion – the ability to assign unused entitlements from this promo from an expiring Enrollment to a new enrollment has been removed from the Microsoft Product Terms August 2016
  • Licensing – Microsoft clarify the right to move Unified Solutions to shared servers under Self Hosting does not include Windows Server or any Windows Server access licenses. Microsoft Product Terms August 2016

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