Microsoft Update April 2017

Important Microsoft licensing updates for April 2017

  • Licensing – Microsoft state in 2020,  Microsoft to mandate Office ProPlus C2R or mainstream supported Office MSI Clients for Office365 Services
  • Resource (Licensing) – New Windows Server 2016 Volume Licensing Reference Guide now available on
  • Resource (Licensing) – Microsoft Volume Licensing Reference Guide
  • Tool – Microsoft Azure Billing Role now live, allowing easy access to Azure Spend Data
  • Tool – It is now possible to get Office365 usage reports from the Microsoft Graph using PowerShell.
  • Resource (Licensing) – Office365 K1 – Video (view only), Skype (multi-party Attend only), Flow (consume, 750 runs), PowerApps (consume) Ref: TechNet Service Descriptions
  • New Feature – Office365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) (E5) offers extensibility into Office PowerPoint, Excel, Word Apps with SafeLinks Feature
  • Licensing – Office365 Groups drives Azure AD Premium Plan 1 with new features like Data Classification, Usage Guidelines, Group AD Writeback, Dynamic Groups, Expiry Policy
  • Licensing – Office365 Groups for Outlook iOS and Android enabled via E1, E3, E5 (Note: Dynamic Groups can drive Azure AD Premium)
  • Licensing – Office365 Advanced Data Governance isn’t just in E5. Microsoft also package it within “Advanced Compliance Plan”  also with eDiscovery and Lockbox
  • Licensing – Staffhub available across Office365 K1, E1, E3 and E5 Plans enables staff schedules
  • New Feature – Office365 Plan K1 expands w. OneDrive 2TB, Microsoft Teams, Skype for IM and Presence, PowerApps and Flow, StaffHub.
  • New Feature – Encryption service (Information Protection, formerly Rights Management Services) moving out of Azure classic portal.
  • Resource – Reduce running costs for your RDS Deployment in Azure using Auto-Scaling
  • LinkedIn finds its way into Dynamics365 with LinkedIn Sales navigator
  • Technical Dependency – Office365 ProPlus and Windows 10 are aligning to a single update model and to 2 updates per year.
  • Article – A frequent request, but still appears to be no (automated) solution: (move a license from one tenant to another)
  • Article – Microsoft announce SQL Server 2017 with built-in AI to power next-generation intelligent apps
  • Licensing – Visual Studio 2017 General Availability in the Microsoft April 2017 Product Terms Ref:
  • Licensing – Windows 10 Home to Pro in MPSA in the Microsoft April 2017 Product Terms Ref:
  • Licensing – Azure CPP extension in the Microsoft April 2017 Product Terms Ref:
  • Licensing – Office 365 Threat Intelligence in the April 2017 Online Service Terms Ref:
  • Licensing – Microsoft Stream in the April 2017 Online Service Terms Ref:
  • Licensing – Kaizala in the Microsoft in the April 2017 Online Service Terms Ref:
  • Licensing – Visual Studio 2017 in the April 2017 Microsoft SPLA Use Rights Ref:
  • Licensing – Dynamics CRM to 365 renewal offer in the April 2017 Microsoft SPLA Use Rights Ref:

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