Microsoft Update November 2018

Some principle licensing updates for November 2018

  • Office 2019 perpetual entered General Availability in the Product Terms
  • The November Product Terms 2018 – Updated for Exchange and other Productivity Servers are updated for new 2019 versions.
  • Microsoft  announced for any CSP partner, starting November 7, 2018, you’ll need to confirm that a customer has accepted the Microsoft Cloud Agreement by providing information about the person who signed it. See ‘Confirm a customer’s acceptance of the Microsoft Cloud Agreement’ for more details. 
  • Effective November 2018 – Group Based licensing management is now (finally) Generally Available for Azure AD. Developer APIs in Microsoft Graph to allow you to programmatically read group-based licensing assignments on groups, as well as programmatically get assignment status and errors. Includes ability to reprocess group-based licensing assignments for a single user.
  • Microsoft Intune announces device-based subscription for shared resources and updated in the November Product Terms
  • Microsoft recognize silo of labels under Azure Info Protection (AIP) and O365 DLP polices, and merges unified labelling under Microsoft Info Protection in the Microsoft Security Compliance center.

Microsoft announced Extended Security Updates (ESU) for SQL Server and Windows Server

  • It will be a strong area of competition with Microsoft positioning ESU for free under Azure, and the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit concurrently, and Reserved Instances, aimed at 2008/R2 instances – Expect AWS and GCP to work on their dedicated hosting and sole tenancy offerings to compete.

    • Customers need to run SQL Server or Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 with the latest Service Pack to get Extended Security Updates. Microsoft will only produce updates which can be applied on the latest Service Pack. 
    • Software Assurance is required for customers to purchase Extended Security Updates on-premises.
    • End of Support deadline (July 9, 2019 for SQL Server and January 14, 2020 for Windows Server)
    • On-premises: Customers with active Software Assurance or subscription licenses can purchase Extended Security Updates for 75% of the Enterprise Agreement license cost annually. Customers pay for only the servers they need to cover, so they can reduce costs each year as they upgrade parts of their environment. Contact your Microsoft partner or account team for more details.
    • This would represent in the 1st year of ESU coverage 300% of the annual Software Assurance cost of SQL Enterprise and SQL Standard.
    • Hosted environments: Customers may purchase Extended Security Updates for 75% of the full on-premises license cost annually and use them in a hosted environment.
    • Technical Support is not included, but Microsoft recommend an active support contract like Software Assurance on Premier Support (with Microsoft)
    • The end-customer will be able to raise a support ticket and receive trouble shooting, but Microsoft Premier Support will not provide root cause analysis, or file a bug or design change request.
    • Customers have been told by Microsoft that If they migrate to Azure during the three-years post end-of-support, they will obtain extended security updates in Azure. Customers running Windows Server or SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 in an Azure will get Extended Security Updates for no additional charges above standard VM rates. Customers moving to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance (PaaS) do not need Extended Security Updates, as this is a fully-managed solution, and is always updated and patched by Microsoft.
    • Customers who purchase Extended Security Updates for production servers may also apply those security updates to servers licensed under Visual Studio (MSDN) subscriptions at no additional cost.

    Extended Security Updates for on-premises environments are not available to purchase for servers licensed under Visual Studio (MSDN) subscription

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