Microsoft Update May 2019

Some of the principle licensing updates for May 2019 –

  • Microsoft U-Turn (Again) on Dual Use Rights for Microsoft 365 From SA – here
  • Microsoft move to digital Product Terms and OST with EoL of old documents September 1st
  • RedHat and Suse Linux available with Azure Reserved Instances from May 1st on 1 Year Plans and 1-4 vCores or 5 vCores+ options
  • Microsoft announce Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) in CSP from October 1st (later deferred to November 2019)
  • Microsoft Partner Agreement for CSP in preview from July 1st and available for acceptance from September 1st, and mandated by January 31st 2020
  • 25% Discount for Dynamics Sales Professional offer in CSP (May 1st to October 1st) Limited Geos.
  • Microsoft update the Dynamics 365 Licensing Guide for May 2019 (3rd release this year)
  • Dynamics365 For Customer Service Insights, and a 4th Dynamics licensing deck
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Insights in May 2019 Product Terms, and OST
  • Grandfathering rights for Dynamics 365 Team Members SAL in the May 2019 SPUR
  • Forms Pro in Preview for Office365 and Dynamics 365 – July 1st GA
  • Dynamics365 for Customer Service Chat – July 1st GA
  • Office 365 Multi Geo Minimum Commit of 500 users, reduced from 2,500
  • New Information Barriers (Preview) and Advanced Message Encryption, coming to Office 365 Advanced Compliance and Compliance E5
  • DLP in Microsoft Teams Channels and Chats, via Advanced Compliance SKU
  • Kaizala acquisition in Microsoft Teams (rolling out from May 1st) and integrated over 12-18 months
  • Microsoft quietly removes Project Online from “Location of Customer Data at Rest” Section of OST
  • Audio Conferencing free dial-out to Zone A countries will be extended through November 30, 2019.
  • StorSimple End of Support Announcement in December 2022
    • Microsoft has been expanding the portfolio of Azure Hybrid storage capabilities with new services for data tiering and cloud ingestion, providing more options to our customers for storing data in Azure in native format. These include Azure File Sync or Azure Data Box Edge/Gateway.
    • Starting May 1st, 2019 StorSimple 8000 and 1200 will move to lead status SKU.  This will also help by engaging Microsoft resources on StorSimple renewals, so we can discuss the End of Support date with customers and help them understand options and new solutions.
    • New customers who are looking for a hybrid storage solution have more than one option based on the scenario. Depending on their workload, they can choose AFS or Data Box Edge/Gateway.
    • If neither of those meet the requirements, StorSimple 8000 or 1200 are still valid solutions but the customer needs to be made aware that they will have to migrate to another solution by Dec 2022. As we get closer to the EoS dates for 8000 and 1200 (Dec 2022), customers will be provided tools for migrating away from StorSimple.
    • For existing StorSimple customers, ensure you have the End of Support discussion either at EA anniversary date or renewal.  While the End of Support is 3.5 years away, we should proactively work with customers on their options and migration plans/timelines.

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